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Why US Solargy’s No Cost Solar System?

     US Solargy's No Cost Solar System is a special type of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where US Solargy will build the solar system at no Cost to the customer.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

     1.A PPA is essentially a structured long-term agreement, typically 20-25 years, between an electricity service Provider, and an electricity user/Client.
     2.Provider builds, owns, installs, and maintains a PV solar system.
     3.Client agrees to purchase all the electricity generated from the solar system at a pre-set price over the length of the contract.
     4.PPA provides Client with an affordable option to purchasing solar power, while also avoiding cash flow issues, and maintenance issues - A worry free way of getting solar energy.

US Solargy No Cost Solar System’s Benefits

     • US Solargy provides the same benefits as a traditional PPA Provider plus many more benefits outlined below:

   Benefits    Other
 US Solargy
 Minimal Upfront Costs

 ✓       ✓
 Low Investment Risk

 ✓       ✓
 Minimal or No Impact on Budget

 ✓       ✓
 Removes Maintenance Responsibilities

 ✓       ✓
Predictable Cost in a
Volatile Electricity Market

 ✓       ✓
Industry first no credit check
PPA-Approve immediately, huge time saving

Industry first PPA available
to any system size in NJ

Great Money Saving compares to
self purchase and other PPA

 Purchase option after 7 years

Best quality solar equipment
with monitoring system


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