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How to Go & $ave Green with US Solargy's No Cost Solar System


   • Sign No Cost Solar System PPA Agreement

Once you decide to go solar with US Solargy, just call us at 1-888-617-2540 or Contact US. We will send our professional staff to evaluate the site, design the system and install the system for you. All you have to do just sign the No Cost Solar System PPA agreement and we'll do the rest.

     • Solar System Installation

Welcome to US Solargy! Now that you're a customer, we'll collaborate with one of our expert installation partners to build the highest quality solar system on your roof or elsewhere on your property.

     • Start Saving

With US Solargy, once the solar system installed, you can enjoy our low cost solar energy. Check out Industry First, No Credit Check Solar PPA for more detail.

     • Enjoy Worry-Free Solar Energy

Enjoy affordable solar power and complete peace of mind. With US Solargy's management, we take care of all solar maintenance, warranty and monitoring proactively, unlike other solar programs that you have to do them yourself.

     • 7 Years Buyout Option

Purchase the solar system after only seven years of the PPA less Good Bonus Credits earned as you use clean, green energy from the solar system.

     • End of Agreement Options At the end of our 20 year agreement, you have two options.

    You can:

           1. Renew the agreement - You can keep buying affordable solar power from your roof by renewing the agreement. If you do, the new price for your solar power will continue at the rate established by the PPA. You will continue to enjoy clean, green energy.

           2. Remove the System - Have us remove the solar electric system for free without charging you a cent, we'll take the solar panels off your roof. This is a good option if you anticipate upgrading to a new technology.

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