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US Solargy, Inc. Participates in Taiwan Clean Energy Mission to New Jersey

US Solargy, Inc. Participates in Taiwan Clean Energy Mission to New Jersey

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 December 13, 2009 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- US Solargy, Inc. recently met a delegation from Taiwan that was on a mission to foster trade and investment between N.J. clean energy companies and Taiwan. 

"Taiwan and New Jersey are leaders in the movement to increase the use of clean and renewable energy so that we leave a better planet for future generations," David Wei, Chairman and CEO of US Solargy, said. 

The Taiwan delegation was led by Dr. Jung-Chiou Hwang, Minister of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. The Taiwan Clean Energy Mission to New Jersey, held Dec. 1, was organized by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. 

"Taiwan and New Jersey make a perfect partnership because each is on the cutting edge of clean and renewable energy," Mr. Wei said. "Taiwan is poised to become the worldwide leader in the output of photovoltaic solar cells while New Jersey serves as a role model in the development and application of clean, renewable energy." 

Mr. Wei said the delegation was impressed with US Solargy's unique business model and looks forward to forging a strong partnership with US Solargy and New Jersey. US Solargy's Industry-First No Credit Check Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) eliminates the financial concern that has prevented most families, businesses and nonprofit groups from switching to solar energy. With US Solargy, consumers can go solar while still having peace of mind. 

US Solargy customers pay about one-third the amount of the system (about $2.95 per watt*), which includes complete maintenance, full system warranty for the life of the power purchase agreement and proactive, remote monitoring by the company’s expert staff. 

Once installed by US Solargy's fully licensed, insured and experienced installers, customers pay just 5 cents per kilowatt** for their energy compared with the N.J. average price of 22 cents per kilowatt. 

US Solargy also guarantees that rates will not increase by more than 3.5 percent per year compared with an average of 6.5 percent annual increases that N.J. consumers have experienced over the last 25 years. 

With US Solargy's PPA, a typical monthly energy bill is reduced by about 75 percent. 

* Price may vary depending on the type of solar system installed. 
** 5 cents per kWh is the first year initial cost with 3.5 percent annual escalation.


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