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US Solargy makes solar energy affordable and within everyone’s grasps. We will provide you with worry-free solar energy for your business or home. We are currently providing solar energy to customers in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Ohio, but please stay tuned for the state that your business or home resides, as we are coming to a state near you soon!

We provide you solar energy with the following options:

No Cost Solar System: Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
With US Solargy, you purchase solar energy instead of a solar system. This enables you to conserve capital, yet still Go Green! It also allows you to never worry about maintaining your solar system, as we handle all the ongoing maintenance of your solar system. Let us take care of providing you with clean, worry-free solar energy, while you have peace of mind.

US Solargy makes obtaining solar energy cost effective and hassle-free with its No Cost Solar System PPA.
  • WE handle the design and installation of the best solar photovoltaic system at your business or home with our expert installation teams.
  • WE monitor your solar photovoltaic system remotely and proactively.
  • WE handle all maintenance and repairs at no additional cost.
  • WE give a 25 years performance warranty.
  • WE provide worry-free solar energy.

Direct Purchase
With US Solargy, you also have the option of purchasing the solar photovoltaic (PV) system outright. We will provide you with the best quality solar PV system available, which will provide your business or home, years of clean and green solar energy. We will design and install the optimal solar PV system for your business or home using the best solar components in the marketplace.

If interested, we can also provide you with our Worry-Free Plan to accompany your newly installed solar PV system.
  • WE monitor your solar photovoltaic system remotely and proactively.
  • WE handle all maintenance and repairs.
  • WE give a 25 year performance warranty.
  • WE can help to provide you with worry-free solar energy.

Comfortable and Secure Solar Energy from US Solargy
You might wonder that it is too simple to enjoy solar energy with US Solargy ! This is true and a tangible reality. We design the program for you so that we work together to make our nation less dependent on foreign oil and fossil fuels and save our planet; moreover, we save you money right at the spot without ifs and buts.

You will not loose your electricity connection from your current utility company. You are protected by law. Why pay more to your utility company? Actually, your utility company appreciates your efforts to reduce your power consumption so that they don't need to add additional power generation and transport capacity which will create pollution and liabilities for them.

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