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US Solargy No Cost Solar System PPA FAQs
Q: Do I get the rebates for my solar system?
A: Because US Solargy owns the system, we get both the state solar rebate and federal solar rebate. They get passed through to you in our prices and the advantage is that you don't have to cover the cost and wait for the state government and the IRS to pay them out.  

Q: Who installs my system?
A: We've partnered with the most experienced solar installation companies to build your system. Because we guarantee your power, we partner with only the best installers that we've thoroughly vetted on your behalf. We're solar service experts and we don't try to be experts in anything else.  

Q: What happens if I move?
A: US Solargy’s PPA solar program was designed to be flexible and to maximize your property's resale price. You can choose between the following two options:
  1. Transfer the agreement - This option lets you share the cost of solar with the new owner; they pick up the contract where you left off. Plus, the new buyer doesn't have to worry about the equipment because US Solargy takes care of all solar maintenance. There's no charge for transferring the agreement.
  2. Purchase the system - US Solargy offer you the buyout option, you can purchase the system after 7 years of contract execution. If you go this route, the new owner won't get our free maintenance and repairs, but they will have full ownership of the system with the property.

Q: How long is the agreement?
A: 20 years, depending on your location, with optional yearly renewal periods.  

Q: What happens if I replace my roof?
A: It's best to replace your roof before going solar. If your roof needs maintenance during our agreement, you can unhook your system for 7 days without being charged for the power that should have been produced during that time. We're happy to coordinate the removal and reinstallation, but that cost is not covered in our agreement.

Q: If there's new technology, will you upgrade my system?
A: Because US Solargy owns your system, we'll upgrade the technology if it makes sense. Of course, once you've installed a system, it's best to keep it until you've gotten your money's worth. Unlike computers or other equipment that produces a better product as technology improves, electricity is a commodity. If the system has been sized properly to meet the electricity needs of your home, new technologies will not offer any production advantages.  

Q: Does US Solargy put a lien on my home?
A: Absolutely not. The agreement you have with US Solargy specifically says that there will be no lien, mortgage, or deed of any kind put on the solar system or assessed against your property.

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